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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trinity Trail Closure! Bellaire & 183 low water crossing

Update:  TRWD now says there was some confusion with a contractor and that the trail will NOT be closed.  A detour will be built before construction begins that will effect the existing trail.

A sign recently went up at the Trinity River low water crossing at Bellaire near the Hwy 183 overpass stating that the Trinity Trails will be closed starting May 31, 2017.   (sign photo below)

With no alternate route available, those of you who use the Trinity Trails to go to and from Benbrook will not be able to do so soon.  Hundreds of people use this section of the trail every week, so this will be a real inconvenience.

The trail will be closed for construction by PRIM Construction related to the Waterside development on Bryant Irvin (the site of the old Lockheed Martin Recreation Complex, LMRC).

I've made lots of calls, but no one has been able to tell me who made the decision to close the trail or how long this closure will be.

All I can recommend is contacting your Fort Worth City councilperson and Mayor Betsy Price, or the TRWD (who is ultimately responsible for the Trails).  Considering Mayor Price's focus on a bike friendly Fort Worth I'm amazed that an alternate to closure or an alternate route was not worked out.  This will truly inconvenience many people.

Many, many people will be inconvenienced by this closure.
Please note: this web site and blog is a community forum for people who use the trails, with no official capacity related to the Trinity Trails.

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