Fort Worth's Trinity Trails

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Airfield Falls Trailhead Now Projected to Open by Fall 2016

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the TRWD now has a new contractor to finish the Airfield Falls Trailhead within the next 3 to 4 months.  The trailhead will have 30-space parking lot, restrooms, picnic facilities and demonstration gardens.

see:  Contractor hired to complete Airfield Falls Trailhead

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Portion of Trinity Trial Closed Through Mayfest

Starting April 11 through May 4th, part of the Trinity Trail in Trinity Park will be closed for Mayfest and Mayfest preparations.  You will still be able to get from one end of Trinity Park to the other, but only on the gravel loop trail that runs through the woods along University Drive.

Vehicle access to Trinity Park will be closed off completely.

Here's a map provided by TRWD:

Friday, April 1, 2016

Walking, Jogging, Biking Trail Loops Near Downtown

I know that a lot of people prefer loop trails to out and back trails.  So I wanted to point out that there are now 2 loops on the Trinity Trails near downtown Fort Worth.  The 2 loops actually form a figure 8 for a 4.5 mile total length.  The lower loop is contained withing Trinity Park and the upper loop extends from the North end of Trinity Park to the Panther Island Pavilion area.  The middle of the 'figure 8' is the Phyllis Tilley Memorial Bridge.

Note:  1.1 miles of the lower left of the trail (in Trinity Park) is crushed gravel trail only.  The rest is paved and mostly dual trail.

Here's a view of the 2 loops (click on the map to be taken to an interactive Google Map):

Access to Airfield Falls

The Airfield Falls trail head is still closed and will remain so for some time as construction has stopped. More on that below.
For now, I'd like to let everyone know how to get to Airfield Falls (Fort Worth's only natural water fall).  This is from a comment that the TRWD made on Facebook:
If you are looking for a trailhead in a close vicinity of Airfield Falls, TRWD has recently completed a trail access point from the Westworth Village City Hall (311 Burton Hill Road) to the Trinity Trails. You are able to park and use their water fountain and restroom facilities located inside City Hall. Attached is a map that will help you get to the falls from City Hall.
Now, as to why construction has stopped on the nearby Airfield Falls Trailhead (from the same comment):
The contractor on the project has ceased work and has requested that TRWD make a transition from the contractor to the bonding company to complete the Airfield Falls Trailhead project. TRWD is in active communication with the bond company to complete the project as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Airfield Falls Trailhead Remains Closed

The Airfield Falls Trailhead is the closest access point to Airfield Falls and a major trailhead for the Trinity Trails.

UPDATE: see Access to Airfield Falls

from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:
  A $1.2 million trailhead project of the Tarrant Regional Water District near the Naval Air Station Fort Worth sits unfinished and inaccessible to the public nearly a year after it was supposed to be completed.
  Work at Airfield Falls Trailhead, located just outside the base’s gates on Pumphrey Drive in Westworth Village, apparently stopped a few months ago.
  But the project’s contractor and water district officials are not offering details as to why.
More info for the original plans for the project can be found here.

Read more here:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trinity Trails connecting Fort Worth to Dallas within 4 years?

KERA has a great story on the progress in connecting Fort Worth's Trinity Trails to downtown Dallas with trails along the Trinity River making a 64 mile bike superhighway.

The story says that there is hope to get the cities connected within 4 years.

Here's a map of the proposed routes:

And here's the story at KERA.

And here's the North Central Texas Council of Governments "Regional Veloweb" info.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The New Trialhead at Clearfork

The newest trailhead on the Trinity Trails is in the new Clearfork development.

The Clearfork development is on the North side of the Trinity River, East of Bryant-Irvin Road and West of Hulen.  It is accessable from Bryant-Irvin on Edwards Ranch Rd. and from Hulen by going across the new bridge (Clearfork Main St.) across from Trader Joe's.

The new trailhead, Trailhead 1848, is at the traffic circle where the above 2 streets meet (Edwards Ranch Rd. and Clearfork Main St.).

The new trailhead will have activities on Saturdays starting March 22.  More information is at the Trailhead 1848 website.

Parking and trail access is free.

There is a Fort Worth Bike Sharing station at this trailhead.

Some photos:
Information board view from trail.

Fort Worth Bike Sharing station on trail side.

Trailhead gate to trail.  Background shows trailhead gate to parking area.  The open area in between is for activities and food trucks, etc.

Trailhead parking area entrance from traffic circle at Edwards Ranch Rd. and Clearfork Main St.