Fort Worth's Trinity Trails

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Airfield Falls Trailhead now open!

It's new official name is "Airfield Falls Conservation Park," and it is now an attraction in its own right, but it is still also the trailhead with access to Fort Worth's beautiful Airfield Falls along the Trinity Trails.  (map below)

It has taken a long time to finish, but now it's open and looks great.  The McDonnell Douglas C-9 aircraft wings and tail are in place along with some other airplane related pieces such as wind socks beside the entry driveways and runway lighting poles (orange and white in photo below).

The overall concept for the park/trailhead is conservation.  The parking area features water permeable paving, allowing rainwater to be absorbed directly into the ground rather than becoming runoff.  There are numerous picnic tables and a pavilion.

The park is bordered by Kings Branch and Farmers Branch tributaries of the Trinity River. They join near the park and then proceed Airfield Falls. There is a paved trail that leads down to Kings Branch and bridges over both.  The trail follows the waterway to the waterfall and is beautifully landscaped with drought tolerant plants and butterfly attracting flowering plants.

Parking area with permeable paving (under the pickup and the walkway in foreground)

Picnic table and runway light poles near parking area.

"Airfield Falls Conservation Park" entry sign

Wing and tail of McDonnell Douglas C-9 airplane on display.

Information signs:

Picnic tables and pavilion.

Looking back at the C-9 aircraft from trail that leads to Kings Branch creek.

Looking up at trail bridge over Kings Branch
Farmers Branch from trail bridge

Butterflies on one of many butterfly friendly flowering plants along trail.

Airfield Falls from trail.

Airfield Falls

Airfield Falls with my exploring companion.

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