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Friday, September 3, 2010

Crestline Rd. Closed at University

Not a big deal, really... but I'm hoping this is the sort of thing for which will be useful.

I know that quite a few people (I used to be one of them) access Trinity Park and Trinity Trails through Will Rogers Memorial Center since there's a crosswalk from WRMC to Crestline at University Drive on the east side of Will Rogers.

It was reported to me today that Crestline is (and has been for a bit) completely closed at University for construction (burying of some pipes).

Here's a map of the area with routes and construction marked on the map.  The light blue line is the WRMC/Crestline route into Trinity Park.  The green line is one alternate route through the Botanic Gardens (although there is not signal for crossing University).  Click on the Caution Icon for a description; that's where the construction is.

The crosswalk across University from Will Rogers to Crestline now leads to a construction zone and closed road.

Again... not a big deal, but there will be a lot of construction and development in the coming years that will effect the Trinity Trails and I hope this can be a venue to keep everyone aware of the related changes.

We might hopefully even have advance notice sometimes!

If you, in your use of the Trinity Trails, discover a change to the trail network that might effect other users, please, let us know at  Thanks!

UPDATE: Thanks to Tim for pointing out that the City announced this closure in advance in their City News.

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